CX Swiss Military 20,000ft Dive Watch

Take a good look here, because I’m betting we’ve now hit that point in the Big Watch™ fad that has been developing these past few years, in which watches containing the movements of the same size as previous years have been packaged in increasingly larger cases, with no clear practical benefit.

The CX “Swiss Military” 20,000ft diver is rated to an astonishing and astonishingly unnecessary 6,000m of water resistance.  And much like the Rolex “Deep Sea Special” experimental design of the’50s- ’60s (namesake of the current Rolex Sea-Dweller Deep Sea), it’s about the size of a golf ball.  Rolex of course had the sense and restraint to limit the production to some half-dozen examples for the experiment only, and wasn’t so brash as to introduce it as an actual production model.
The CX website even has a video showing he watch being subjected to shotgun blasts, which the watch indeed survives relatively intact.  The advantage of such is quite beyond me though, as in all occasions when I’ve been subjected to gunfire and other assorted nastiness the thought of whether my watch might survive was usually the absolute furthest thing from my mind.  Irrational and pointless excess capability.


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